COVID-19’s Devastating Effect on the economy has affected our brand as well. Businesses across the fashion industry fight to stay afloat as the pandemic spreads.

As a small independent fashion brand we are trying to survive these scary times. As the sales plummeted globally we stopped producing dresses in our Budapest atelier, we are only producing masks at the moment as safety net to to stay in business.

Please note that the following costs are incorporated into the price of the masks:
Production costs - we are not trying to make a profit here, our goal is to protect the jobs of our employees and save the brand from closure, so please consider this cost as an investment in our future to help us get through this crisis.

_ Donation to a foundation (Adománytaxi - Maszkot a frontra) who are able to   produce medical masks for health care after every sale
_ 27% VAT
_ Free shipping is included - due to expensive international shipping we are only selling these masks in a pack of 3 pieces

WARNING: This is NOT a medical aid! This mask does NOT protect against the airborne infections! Naturalabric face masks only offer limited protection and should not be considered sufficient protection. Additional preventative measures need to be adopted!

Handling Instructions: Please wash it in washing machine and iron it after every use! When gets humid from breathing, please safely remove it, clean it and put on a fresh one!
4 layers of textile, 1 layer of non woven polypropylene filter.

All of our products are handmade therefore slight variations are expected making each mask one of a kind and unique, please do not consider them defective!

Handmade in EU, 100% cupro or viscose, 100% polypropylene,  high elastic rubber ear fastening.

Take care, stay home! When you go public, cover your mouth and nose!