TOMCSANYI Spring/Summer 2024 

A Harmonious Blend of Hungarian Heritage and Contemporary Fashion


Building upon what the previous collection started, TOMCSANYI delves deeper into the realm of national identity and cultural heritage, exploring innovative ways to translate these elements into modern clothing. At the core of this collection lies the iconic "Miskakancsó," a traditional Hungarian lead-glazed earthenware wine jug renowned for its hussar-inspired form and intricate embellishments. Embodying the essence of Hungarian identity, this cherished piece of heritage is reimagined through TOMCSANYI's creative lens to bring forth a unique fusion of tradition and contemporary design.

Central to the jug's exquisite decoration is the symbolic presence of the snake, a revered creature known for its wisdom and everlasting life. This timeless emblem, employed to bestow wishes of longevity upon the jug's owner, serves as a profound source of inspiration for TOMCSANYI's Spring/Summer 2024 prints. The intricate patterns and motifs, including the snake and various blossoms, artfully reflect the rich heritage of the Miska jug and its ornaments. The designs, meticulously hand-drawn with watercolor or pencil, capture the essence of this cultural icon and translate them into contemporary patterns.

In a departure from the traditional jug's aesthetics, the collection boldly embraces broken ceramics as symbolic representations of imperfection. Dori, the visionary designer behind TOMCSANYI, finds fascination in the allure of flawed ceramics, playfully incorporating them into the collection's patterns. This unique blend of unusual beauty and artistic expression adds a distinctive touch to the overall aesthetic.

With effortlessly versatile silhouettes, TOMCSANYI's Spring/Summer 2024 collection offers a contemporary summer wardrobe. Alongside the signature long and oversized styles, swimwear pieces and scarves add a touch of diversity. Bold and vivid hues dominate the color palette, departing from the subdued tones of the traditional Miska jug.

TOMCSANYI's Spring/Summer 2024 collection is a testament to the brand's commitment to pushing boundaries and celebrating the rich tapestry of Hungarian culture. By seamlessly fusing tradition and modernity, TOMCSANYI continues to redefine the landscape of fashion.


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