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The AW23 collection starts a new chapter in the brand's life. Having closed its first ten years with two retrospective collections, TOMCSANYI takes a new route.

Buoyant, hand-drawn patterns are still at the core of the brand DNA, but the inspiration behind changes. The focus shifts from post-socialist Eastern Europe to Hungarian identity expressed through national, folkish patterns and symbolic elements.

AW23 is only the first, experimental one of a series of collections to come, that are to explore the possibilities of translating national identity and heritage into modern fashion and clothing.

The prints of the collection originate from the traditional Kalocsa floral embroideries, but neither the motifs themselves nor their scale and their color aim to be folkish, they are stylized and converted to fit into the TOMCSANYI design universe, and create a coherent and modern wardrobe. Inaccuracies in the prints, similar to those of the risograph printing, recall the charming imperfections of hand-embroidered traditional motifs.

The color palette is made up of shades available in the risograph printing technique and has been selected to create pieces that can be easily mixed and matched for a modern, day-to-day wardrobe. The buoyant world of the prints is, again, perfectly counterbalanced by contemporary silhouettes like blazers, tailored pants, poplin dresses, jumpsuits, and puffer jackets.


Press contact: press@tomcsanyi.eu