Collection: Autumn / Winter 2021

The Tomcsanyi AW21/22 collection pays homage to hungarian wine culture, by depicting luscious grapevines in various ways, referencing previous prints of the namesake brand. 

The concept includes pixellated icons of the classic autumnal fruit, inspired by lace drapes from a little hungarian pub in the countryside,or a psychedelic vortex of a bunch of grapes that creates an alternative for the timeless cheetah print. These designs are just as diverse as the fruit itself, so they perfectly intertwine with the brand's DNA. These are not the only parallels that can be drawn between the collection and the tradition of wine making. The process of creating something so personal, yet universally appreciated has to come from an enviroment where every single detail contributes to the product's excellence. Workshops and harvests are inherently social settings, where, through division of labour, everyone gets their part in completing the final object.

The garments are easy to wear, yet elevated. Certain styles, like pantsuits, are available in both casual and more elegant cuts to cater to the needs of the modern woman on the go. The overall aesthetic of the collection exudes a certain "intellectual attractiveness" that helps the wearer become unforgettable, by amplifying their wit, humour and confidence. 

Autumn / Winter 2021