Dori Tomcsanyi designer


TOMCSANYI /tɒm – tʃɑː – nji/ is a contemporary womenswear brand based in Budapest.

“Fashion label TOMCSANYI is the child of such extremes one would find impossible to combine at first glance”

Growing up in post-socialist Hungary, founder & designer Dori Tomcsanyi draws from childhood memories of happy days in the Eastern Bloc, but that retrospective aesthetics is strongly mixed with high-end fashion and top-notch minimalism. Iconic features of womenswear of the bygone days of Eastern Europe and cutting edge, modern fashion may seem exact opposites of each other, but the label manages to create a smart fusion of the two that works like crazy.

“Business as usual, seduction as unusual”

Clashing contradictory philosophies is also something the designs do. Uniformism and individualism are total enemies of each other. However, desperate desire for being unique will result in uniformized masses, but choosing bits and pieces of uniforms can individualize. Sounds mind-twisting? It does. And it also creates a dichotomy that’s full of tensions, making TOMCSANYI glow: strict order and discipline, but rules are always breakable.

“Careless elegance with some arrogance”

Jumping between these extremities may seem super-serious and a bit schizo, but another key component of the label is an eclectic and witty humor that removes all tenseness of such cultural journeys, making TOMCSANYI effortlessly fun, and ensuring it never takes itself too seriously.

“TOMCSANYI. Handmade with care.”

The brand puts great emphasis on sustainability and CSR, sourcing sustainable materials from small Italian manufacturers and producing everything locally in their Budapest studio.